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Clayton Island Tours

The Clayton Island Tours is one of the most remarkable outings in the Thousand Island area. Their family-oriented tours will give you a unique view of the Great Lakes freighters, lighthouses and beautiful architecture. If you want to visit some of the marvelous landmarks like Boldt Castle and the Rock Island Lighthouse be sure to reserve a seat with the Clayton Island Tours.

Uncle Sam's Boat Tours

Uncle Sam’s Boat Tours have been ferrying guests though the Great Lakes area for nearly 85 years. Uncle Sam’s is more than a typical boat tour. They offer several scenic tours to choose from, and if you want something a little more refined, you may be interested in one of their dining tours. They offer a luncheon, dinner, and a craft beer and wine cruise. In addition to the wide variety of cruise options, they also host several events and charters such as private events, wedding, and seasonal cruises.
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