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Natali's C-Way Resort & Golf Club

The Natali family C-Way Resort is the perfect getaway near the St. Lawrence River. You'll be sure to enjoy the motel with an outdoor pool, and their scenic 18 hole golf course in the Thousand Island area will be sure to impress all levels of golf enthusiasts. You'll also be close to lots of local attractions including the Antique Boat Museum, Clayton Opera House, fishing, boating and lots more!

The Clayton Golf Club

The Clayton Golf Club has been part of the community since 1927. This beautiful nine-hole course is a fun challenge for golfers at every level and is located right next to the beautiful St. Lawrence River. It’s open seasonally between April and early October. Come by and enjoy this historic and popular gathering spot in Clayton, NY.

Thousand Islands Country Club

The Thousand Island Country Club has been a hot spot for golf on the St. Lawrence River since 1894. Located on the beautiful Wellesley Island this scenic 18 hole course will not only challenge golfers, but it will also invite you to embrace the beauty of northern New York state and the lake of the Isles.
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