The Antique Boat Museum

The Antique Boat Museum was organized in the 1960s by a small group of boat enthusiasts determined to preserve the nautical and cultural heritage of the St. Lawrence River. Since 1965 they’ve hosted a boat show putting antique boats on display for everyone to see. If you love the rich heritage of life at sea, then you’ll be sure to appreciate and enjoy the Antique Boat Museum.

Thousand Island Museum

The Thousand Islands Museum has been operating since July 4, 1964. Since then they've made it their mission to preserve the history and heritage of Thousand Island. They've hosted many antique boats and art shows, and several special exhibits. If you want to feel the pulse of Thousand Islands, you'll be sure to find it in the Thousand Island Museum.

Thousand Islands Arts Center

The Thousand Island Arts Center is a nonprofit organization that focuses on preserving the skill of traditional artists and staying in tune with the heritage arts. Founded in Clayton in 1966, this art institute has been providing art classes for hundreds of students a year. Join like-minded art buffs and try your hand at weaving or pottery.
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